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Huge Potential Income

The $5K Formula is an asymmetric business venture. This simply means low risk and huge profit potential.

Low Operating Cost

For less than the price of a monthly Netflix subscription you could change your financial outlook in 2020 and beyond.

Attainable Freedom

There is no such thing as a bad economy. The only economy is one you're prepared for. Evaluate your thinking and attain freedom. Turn that iPhone or Android device into a business investment.


The technology in your palm levels the playing field like NEVER before. Leverage it because they’re leveraging you.

Social Impact

An estimated 40 million Americans couldn’t produce $400 in case of an emergency. With a $10 per month investment we could start a highly affordable wealth revolution. No stimulus check required!

Low Risk

The $5K Formula is a low risk wealth building venture designed for anyone 18 years or older with a smartphone and a Cash App account.

What's your goal?

SociaLegacy is the culmination of twenty years of research and hands on experience in the Currency Market, brought forth by Lewis Duncan and Romond Cotton.

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